BOLData® M64A-1013S-MTR

BOLData's Mach64 Series Servers provide unrivaled reliability and unparalleled performance at an affordable price.

  • AMD® EPYC 32-core Processor
  • 1U Rackmount w/4 SAS-3/SATA 6G HDD
  • Up to 1TB DDR-4 ECC Memory

Total: $0

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NOTE: addressable memory is operating system dependent. A 32-bit OS may only recognize less than 4GB.
For optimal performance use *8 modules per CPU*


Primary Controller


M.2 Boot Drive


SATA DOM Boot Drive


Hard Disk Drive

SAS Hard Drives require a SAS RAID Controller


2nd Hard Disk Drive


3rd Hard Disk Drive


4th Hard Disk Drive


Hard Drive Configuration

NOTE: All disks must be same size to support a RAID configuration.




Optical/Media Bay Drive


Keyboard and Mouse


Network Adapter


Expansion Slot 1

Note: if an add-on RAID card is selected above then these options may not be available.


Operating System