BOLData® M64A-1013S-MTR

BOLData's Mach64 Series Servers provide unrivaled reliability and unparalleled performance at an affordable price.

  • AMD® EPYC 32-core Processor
  • 1U Rackmount w/4 SAS-3/SATA 6G HDD
  • Up to 1TB DDR-4 ECC Memory

Price starts at $1,826

Price is before all applicable taxes, rebates and does not include shipping.

Power, Optimize, Secure

EPYC™ meets the needs for today’s datacenter workloads

Flexibility. Performance. Security. Born in the cloud, the AMD EPYC system on chip delivers 122 percent better memory bandwidth, 60 percent more I/O and 45 percent more cores than the competitor to power data center applications. Whether you deploy bare metal, virtualized, or in the cloud, the AMD EPYC processor powers fast, responsive, and secure IT.


Rapid cloud computing adoption has precipitated a paradigm shift in the industry. Resources are now software defined, and security is more important than ever. Beyond the cloud, advances in software have created entirely new workload classes. These include mobile applications, digital business transformation, big data, predictive analysis, and machine learning where data is analyzed and conclusions are made in real time, all without human intervention

While the pace of software innovation has quickened, it has been lacking support from the foundational infrastructure in silicon. More than just incremental improvements in processor speed are needed to efficiently support today’s software-defined datacenter. With automatic Moore’s Law performance increases slowing, innovation is now more important than ever. An approach that better balances the ratios of cores, memory, I/O bandwidth, and that deploys security features embedded in silicon is essential to achieve optimized performance for today’s datacenter applications

Focus on your business. With a server built for your business.

BOLData® can help you enhance your business with a reliable computing environment that helps employees easily share and update information from a central, secure location. We build servers that are designed for businesses like yours, with products and software from trusted brands like AMD®, Intel® and Microsoft®.

Choose from various Microsoft Server solutions, or load up Linux!

DDR4—Packing Power and Performance into a New Generation

To compete in growing enterprise and cloud computing markets, you need significant power savings and performance advancements. DDR4 has a rich set of features that address reliability, speed, power, and stacking capabilities— taking application performance to an entirely new level beyond DDR3.

DDR4 is ideal for high-end enterprise and storage systems as well as cloud server providers that support applications requiring large memory footprints, such as in-memory databases and real-time analytics.

DDR4 is the newest iteration in DRAM, loaded with new features that improve reliability, speed, power, and stacking capabilities for the enterprise, micro-server, ultrathin, and tablet markets. With data rates reaching 2666 Mb/s, DDR4 increases performance up to 50% over DDR3. DDR4 also delivers a 20% reduction in voltage over DDR3—however, when DDR4’s additional power-saving features are taken into account, total overall power savings versus DDR3 can be as much as 35%.

The new boundary scan feature (also known as JTAG) enables early fault detection during testing, thereby reducing debug time, improving system reliability, and ultimately, saving development and production costs.

Terabytes and Terabytes…

The biggest data management concerns for large enterprises today are planning for growth and protecting data from misuse, loss and inaccessibility. BOLData® storage solutions help address these issues. Choose from large capacity SATA-3/6G and high performance SAS-3/12G storage solutions and lightning fast SSD and NVMe technologies. BOLData® servers utilize the latest enterprise hard drives to offer the best combination of capacity, performance, reliability and value for all your enterprise storage application needs.

Operating System

  • Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2019 Standard
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Ubunto

Processor, Chipset & Memory

  • Processor, Chipset & Memory
  • Single AMD EPYC™ 7000-series Processor (up to 200W)
  • Socket SP3
  • Up to 32 Cores
  • System on Chip (SoC)
  • Eight DIMM sockets
  • Supports up to 1TB Registered ECC DDR4 2666MHz SDRAM
  • 8-channel memory bus
  • DDR4 2666 MHz Registered ECC, 240-pin gold-plated DIMMs
  • (*available memory is operating system dependent)


  • Hard Drive Options
  • 4x SATA 3.0 ports (6Gbps)
  • M.2
  • Interface: PCI-E 3.0 x4
  • Form factor: 2280, 22110
  • Optical Drive Options
  • Slim DVD-ROM/DVD-RW/Blu-Ray Drive (optional)



  • Dual-Port Intel® I210 GbE Controller
  • 1x RJ45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port


  • 1U Rackmount Chassis
  • Externally available: 4 x 3.5 inch hot-swap, 1 5.25 slim
  • (H x W x D): 43 x 437 x 503 mm / 1.7 x 17.2 x 19.8 inches
  • SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Trays: four (4)
  • 400W Redundant Platinum Level Power Supplies
  • (Full redundancy based on configuration and application load)

PC Health Monitoring

  • CPU
  • Monitors CPU Core Voltages, +12V, +3.3V, +5V, +5V standby, 3.3V standby, VBAT
  • CPU switching voltage regulator
  • FAN
  • Up to 8-fan status tachometer monitoring
  • Up to eight 4-pin fan headers
  • Status monitor for speed control
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) fan connectors
  • Temperature
  • Monitoring for CPU and chassis environment
  • CPU Thermal Trip Support
  • Thermal control for 8x Fan connectors
  • I²C Temperature Sensing Logic
  • LED
  • CPU / System Overheat LED
  • Other Features
  • Chassis Intrusion Detection
  • Chassis Intrusion Header


  • Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0
  • IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM-over-LAN support


  • Connections
  • PCI-Express
  • 1x PCI-E 3.0 x16 (FH/HL) slot