BOLData® M64A-1042G-TF

BOLData's Mach64 Series Servers provide unrivaled reliability and unparalleled performance at an affordable price.

  • Quad AMD® Opteron 16-core Processors
  • 1U Rackmount w/3 SATA 6G HDD
  • Up to 1TB DDR-3 ECC Memory

Price starts at $2,640

Price is before all applicable taxes, rebates and does not include shipping.

Performs when the workload gets tough

The AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series platform is the server platform you can count on as real-world workloads become increasingly complex and demanding. Based on the next-generation AMD Direct Connect Architecture 2.0 with up to 64 total cores in a 4P configuration, this platform can in many cases more than double the memory bandwidth1, and provides nearly 2x the I/O bandwidth of previous generation 2P and 4P servers, helping your business tackle complex jobs with greater throughput, exceptional value and readiness to scale.


  • Performance for demanding workloads Match tough workloads with the right-fit server platform, and realize superior performance in memory and compute intensive workloads
  • Consistent platform that scales Take control now with Direct Connect Architecture 2.0, including power, virtualization and memory innovations, and socket compatibility with the planned AMD Opteron™ 6300 Series processors
  • Business value without compromise Gain advantages normally reserved for high-end systems, with exceptional value, low total cost of ownership, and generational consistency. Tackle virtualization, database and infrastructure workloads cost-effectively, with configurations offering 4P performance at 2P economics

Focus on your business. With a server built for your business.

BOLData® can help you enhance your business with a reliable computing environment that helps employees easily share and update information from a central, secure location. We build servers that are designed for businesses like yours, with products and software from trusted brands like AMD®, Intel® and Microsoft®.

Choose from various Microsoft Server solutions, or load up Linux!

DDR4—Packing Power and Performance into a New Generation

To compete in growing enterprise and cloud computing markets, you need significant power savings and performance advancements. DDR4 has a rich set of features that address reliability, speed, power, and stacking capabilities— taking application performance to an entirely new level beyond DDR3.

DDR4 is ideal for high-end enterprise and storage systems as well as cloud server providers that support applications requiring large memory footprints, such as in-memory databases and real-time analytics.

DDR4 is the newest iteration in DRAM, loaded with new features that improve reliability, speed, power, and stacking capabilities for the enterprise, micro-server, ultrathin, and tablet markets. With data rates reaching 2666 Mb/s, DDR4 increases performance up to 50% over DDR3. DDR4 also delivers a 20% reduction in voltage over DDR3—however, when DDR4’s additional power-saving features are taken into account, total overall power savings versus DDR3 can be as much as 35%.

The new boundary scan feature (also known as JTAG) enables early fault detection during testing, thereby reducing debug time, improving system reliability, and ultimately, saving development and production costs.

Terabytes and Terabytes…

The biggest data management concerns for large enterprises today are planning for growth and protecting data from misuse, loss and inaccessibility. BOLData® storage solutions help address these issues. Choose from large capacity SATA-3/6G and high performance SAS-3/12G storage solutions and lightning fast SSD and NVMe technologies. BOLData® servers utilize the latest enterprise hard drives to offer the best combination of capacity, performance, reliability and value for all your enterprise storage application needs.

Operating System

  • Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 Standard

Processor, Chipset & Memory

  • Processor, Chipset & Memory
  • Quad 1944-pin Socket G34
  • Supports up to four Sixteen-Core ready AMD Opteron™ 6300 Series processors
  • HT3.0 Link support
  • AMD SR5690/SP5100 Chipset
  • Thirty-Two DIMM sockets
  • Support up to 512GB DDR3 Reg. ECC 1333/1066/800 MHz memory or 128GB of DDR3 Unb. ECC/non-ECC memory
  • Quad channel memory bus
  • For Dual or Quad CPUs: Recommended that memory be populated equally in adjacent memory banks
  • Registered ECC or unb. ECC / non-ECC DDR3 1333/1066/800 MHz SDRAM 72-bit, 240-pin gold-plated DIMMs
  • (*available memory is operating system dependent)


  • Hard Drive Options
  • AMD SP5100 (RAID 0, 1, 10)
  • 6x SATA2.0 (3Gb/s) Ports
  • Capacity: Starting at 80GB up to 2TB per Drive (3 Drives Maximum)
  • Interface: Serial ATA
  • Optical Drive Options
  • 8x DVD, 24x CD, DVD-ROM Drive (optional)



  • Intel® 82576 controller, Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10/100/1000BASE-T support


  • 1U Rackmount Chassis
  • Externally available: 3x 3.5 inch hot-swap, 1 5.25 slim
  • (H x W x D): 43 x 437 x 705 mm / 1.7 x 17.2 x 27.75 inches
  • SATA Hot-Swap Trays: three (3)
  • 1400W High-efficiency Power Supply 80Plus Gold Certified

PC Health Monitoring

  • CPU
  • Monitors CPU Core Voltages, +1.8V, +3.3V, +5V, ±12V, +3.3V Standby, -12V Standby, VBAT, HT, memory, chipset
  • CPU switching voltage regulator
  • FAN
  • Up to 9-fan status tachometer monitoring
  • Up to nine 4-pin fan headers
  • Status monitor for speed control
  • 3-pin fan support (w/o speed control)
  • Low noise fan speed control (4-pin fan only)
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) fan connectors
  • Temperature
  • Monitoring for CPU and chassis environment
  • CPU Thermal Trip Support
  • Thermal control for 9x fan connectors
  • I2C Temperature Sensing Logic
  • LED
  • CPU / System Overheat LED
  • +5V Standby Alert LED
  • Other Features
  • Chassis Intrusion Detection
  • Chassis Intrusion Header


  • Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0
  • IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM over LAN support
  • Winbond® WPCM450 BMC


  • Connections
  • PCI-Express
  • 1x PCI-e Gen 2.0 x16 slot

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