LCD PC A9100™ Series

BOLData® LCD PC A9100™ Series

BOLData is committed to a more efficient future for PCs & computer equipment. As the world's leading developer of desktop replacement technology; highly customized, All-In-One and Mini PCs, our designs and engineering are unique in the computer indust

  • Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
  • Up to 4GB dual-channel DDR-2 Memory
  • 19 inch WXGA Widescreen (1440x900)
  • Integrated Intel® GMA X4500HD Graphics

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NOTE: addressable memory is operating system dependent. A 32-bit OS may only recognize less than 4GB.


Hard Disk Drive


Video Graphics


Optical/Media Bay Drive


Other Media






Network Adapter




Operating System

NOTE: the default version of the OS is 64-bit. You can select the 32-bit version in the next category below.


32-bit / 64-bit


Application Software

Office H&B: Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote, Outlook
Office H&S: Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote




Keyboard and Mouse